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Mindfulness, Money & You

Mindfulness is getting a lot of airtime from many high-flyers, including Bridgewater's uber-successful (and wealthy) hedge fund magnate Ray Dalio, a daily meditator. Courses and certifications are even taught at the hallowed halls of Oxford University. While trending for years, mindfulness is rooted in ancient philosophy and practices that used to be the exclusive domain of monks…

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How does your KiwiSaver balance compare?

Comparisons between New Zealand and Australia usually don't end well. It's the same with those involving the United States and Canada. Feelings get hurt. Conversation descends quickly. Here's hoping the end justify the means; in this case super comparisons with our Antipodean neighbour sparks positive change. I was originally going to write about the growing drift between…

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So, you wanna be rich?

I was asked recently how I defined success? It was harder to answer than I expected because my definition of success seems to change with every milestone I achieve. I don't think I'm unique in this regard. Life is dynamic and we move through ages and stages over a lifetime. Our perception, expectations and definitions of success inevitably evolve I…

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