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7 spiritual laws of success and how to stay focussed on what matters most

​​A great quote came my way yesterday by spiritualist/writer Byron Katie.

​“Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing ever happened that didn’t need to happen.”

It’s a reassuring thought amid the uncertainty and confusion of life and during those times when we are plagued with the whys, and whens and hows and grating impatience at things not happening in the time frame that we want or expect.
During those times, it is important to return to the present, to one’s intention and also the breath. While we can dream, scheme, plan and action our desires, there are times, many in fact, when you just need to sit back and let things unfold in their own sweet time, trusting that they will come when you are ready to receive and others are ready to give.

So today, I thought I would share some sage advice on this subject from Deepak Chopra, who authored the book “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”

In addition to having a deliberate, well considered action plan to help you realise your dreams and goals, there’s an underlying mindset, behaviour and ethic that will help you get there more smoothly and possibly even faster. Something I need to remind myself of constantly as patience is not my strong suit.

With due credit to Deepak, here’s a brief summary of those seven laws.

  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality: Take time to be silent, to just BE. Meditate for 30 minutes twice a day. Silently witness the intelligence within every living thing. Practice non-judgment.
  2. The Law of Giving: Today, bring whoever you encounter a gift; a compliment, or flower. Keep wealth circulating my giving and receiving care, affection, appreciation and love.
  3. The Law of Karma: Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. Choosing actions that bring happiness and success to others ensure the flow of happiness and success to you.
  4. The Law of Least Effort: Accept people, situations, and events as they occur. Take responsibility for your situation and for all events seen as problems. Relinquish the need to defend your point of view.
  5. The Law of Intention and Desire: Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfilment. Make a list of desires. Trust that when things don’t seem to go your way, there is a reason.
  6. The Law of Detachment: Allow yourself and others the freedom to be who they are. Do not force solutions – allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Uncertainty is essential and your path to freedom.
  7. The Law of Dharma: Seek your higher Self. Discover your unique talents. Ask yourself how you are best suited to serve humanity. Using your unique talents and serving others brings unlimited bliss and abundance.

I keep this list posted on my fridge or at my desk to remind myself when I get impatient about the underlying internal drivers of “success.” You don’t have to be a yogi, or a Buddhist, to put these principles into practice. They are universal and you’ll recognise the truth of them I’m sure from your own experiences already.

Challenge yourself to put them into practise as part of your game plan for achieving whatever it is you are hoping to gain; whether it’s more money, a better relationship, a new job or a better living situation and always, always remember to give thanks for the abundance that you have already attracted into your life.

As a side note, I will be teaching this Sunday at Lululemon in Britomart so come on out to enjoy a complimentary yoga class. I will be bringing along copies of my book Money Matters; Get Your Life and $ Sorted to purchase and signing after class.

Oh and if you’re wondering why seven is the magic number, here’s an article published in the Daily Mail that sheds some light on the matter.