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New Beginnings

January 2013 will mark the start of a brave new journey for Amanda Morrall as I transition into the world of self-employment. It is said the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step so if you’re reading this you are witnessing the tentative first tip-toe into the unknown. Because I have other stuff cooking at the moment, this site won’t get going in earnest until next year but come back and visit me periodically as you never know what you’ll find. As I explained in the About section, my plan with this website is to fuse my twin passions for journalism and yoga in hopes of offering you a unique blend of personal finance that focuses on well-being as much as money.

​Just as you are what you eat, I believe the work that you do says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. Call me an idealist but I think that when you do what you love for a living, or at the very least enjoy, work takes on a whole new meaning and purpose. I also think then when you align your skills and talents with a purpose and a goal beyond just making money that you will discover a sense of fulfillment that goes far beyond the illusion of happiness created by being “rich.” Ironically, I believe it also puts you in far better position to generate and attract wealth. It might just come in a different form or amount than you expected. These are some of the philosophical and metaphysical issues I hope to explore in greater depth alongside all of those practical, important and often challenging personal finance areas, like debt, and mortgages and retirement savings. I’m excited for the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to your feedback and participation along the way. Until next time.